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Diesel Service

Morristown Ford prides itself on the strength of its diesel operations. In our diesel shop alone, we have almost 100 years combined diesel repair experience, which directly translates into you getting your truck fixed right the first time.

Whether you have the latest & greatest of the Powerstroke family, a first generation 6.9 L, or anything in between, we are the best tooled, best trained, & most capable Ford Powerstroke repair facility in the region. Morristown Ford has maintained the tool inventory for each successive generation of the Powerstroke family, and can diagnose & repair any issue you may be having, likely much more inexpensively than you would imagine… simply by getting it right the first time.

At Morristown Ford, we have the training, the experience, & the tools to correctly diagnose your diesel truck, not guess, replace parts, & replace you & your company’s hard earned money. In addition to our diagnostic & repair services, we also have the ability to build a custom maintenance plan around your vehicle, your driving habits, or even around engine hours to make sure that your truck is ready to go when you need for it to be.

Morristown Ford is also has the capacity to service your commercial & fleet needs as well. All of Morristown Ford’s customer service personnel are certified as either a Ford Master Commercial Service Advisors or Ford Master Commercial Service Managers, if not both, and are well aware of the tough demands on the vehicles that make your business possible. We can work with you & your company to make sure that your vehicles are maintained & repaired in a timely fashion to OEM standards, & keep you & your vehicles on the road & you doing business, not sitting awaiting repairs or wondering about the quality of service you are getting elsewhere.

We believe that Morristown Ford’s diesel & truck facilities are second to none, & we invite you to try us out today!

Diesel LOF & Primary Fuel Filter, 7.3 L$179.99
Diesel LOF & both Primary & Secondary Fuel Filters, 6.0 & 6.4L$199.99
Diesel LOF & both Primary & Secondary Fuel Filters, 6.7L$224.99


  • Perform visual engine & chassis inspection with emphasis on engine performance
  • Sample fuel quality, inspect for water & correct cetane rating
  • Inspect oil for contaminants (fuel or coolant), proper level, & for correct viscosity
  • Perform computer diagnostics & retireve any diagnostic trouble codes
  • Perform injector electrical self-test
  • Perform power balance test
  • Inspect for intake restrictions or leaks
  • Inspect EGR system for proper operation or leaks
  • Inspect for exhaust restriction & measure backpressure
  • Test fuel system, verifying flow (volume), pressure, & the absence of aeration or leaks
  • Test low idle stability (ICP pressure)
  • Injection pressure regulator test
  • Turbocharger boost test, to include physical inspection & computerized boost test
  • Crankcase pressure test
  • Oil aeration test
  • Combustible gas test
ONLY $99.99
Note that diagnostic procedures vary by engine (7.3, 6.0, 6.4, 6.7) and by year model even in the same engine family. Actual diagnostic procedures will be tailored to your specific vehicle as recommended by the Ford Workshop Manual, and will result in a complete analysis of your level & induction system, & the overall health of the engine itself. Upon completion, Morristown Ford will offer a no-obligation repair estimate to correct any deficiencies discovered during the diagnostic process. This coupon price is valid only for a complete diagnostic service, and does not include any repairs or other maintenance.
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